Northwest Author Fair

After ten wonderful years we’ve made the tough decision to suspend these events indefinitely.  We may come up with a modified version in the future, but for now we thank everyone who joined us!

The 2016 NWAF was held on Saturday, August 20th, 2016, from 10:30am-2:30pm.

Thank you to everyone, authors and attendees, who came to the 2016 Northwest Author Fair!  If you missed it we do have signed copies of most books available in the store, just swing on in or give us a call.

 2016 Author & Artist List:

A J Beauregard: Humorous Fiction

Patsy Brookshire: Romantic Suspense

William J Cook: Inspirational Fiction

Theo Czuk: Novelist, Poet, Songwriter

Pamela Deane: Literary Fiction, Biography

Gail Downs: Military History (WWII)

Carola Dunn: Historical Mysteries

Veronica Esagui: Health, Biography

Judy Fleagle (“The Bridge Lady”): Oregon History & Pet Rescue

Suzanne Grant: Oregon Mysteries

Rebecca Harrison: Northwest History, Maritime History

Laura Hysell: Paranormal & Urban Fantasy

Nicole Jacquelyn: Women’s Fiction

Jack Kent: Comics

Jimmy Kerstein: Cookbook/Butchery

Ron Lovell: Mysteries

Rosanna Mattingly: Nature/Nonfiction, Bees

Ron Miner: WWII Memoir

Tali Nay: Memoir

Michael Pacheco: Short Stories

Diana Polisensky: Historical Fiction

Irene Radford: Fantasy (AKA: C F Bentley, PR Frost, Phyllis Ames, Julia Verne St. John)

Erin Ritch: Middle Grade Adventure, Young Adult Fantasy, Historical Fiction

Carolyn J. Rose: Mysteries

Arlene Sachitano: Quilting Mysteries, Tech Mystery

Ramona Scarborough: Mysteries, Romance, Suspense

Adam Schutte: Religion

Connie Soper: Hiking, Oregon Coastal History

William Sullivan: OR Hiking, History, Mysteries, Adventure

Lono Waiwaiole: Mysteries

Evan Morgan Williams: Short Stories

Gus Willemin: Fiction/Literature

George Byron Wright: Regional Fiction

Chris York: Mysteries (AKA Christy Fifield, Christy Fields)

Steve York: Science Fiction, Mysteries, Web Comics

Previous Event Info

Authors and artists who have attended these events include world renowned artist David Delamare; New York Times bestseller Phillip Margolin; 2 x World Fantasy Award winner Patricia McKillip;  bestselling inspirational fiction author Robin Gunn; YA “Tiger” fantasy series author Colleen Houck; author of “Star Trek”, “Spider-Man”, “X-Men”, “Iron Man” novels (and much more) Dean Wesley Smith; national bestsellers of high fantasy Barb & J.C. Hendee; novelist, comic book author, Eisner award winner Greg Rucka; bestselling author of “Robopocalypse”, and “How To Build A Robot Army” Daniel Wilson; inventors of Talk Like A Pirate Day, John “Ol’ Chumbucket” Baur and Mark “Cap’n Slappy” Summers; world renowned fantasy author, Irene Radford (AKA P.R. Frost, AKA C.F. Bentley); Bram Stoker Award winner Nina Kiriki Hoffman; and so many more.

We try to keep a healthy back stock of signed copies so we may still have some in the store from our last signing. If you’d like to see if we have a book signed by your favorite author–they make great gifts–please get in touch.


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