Trade/Sell Books

We do take in your used books for trade credit or cash, depending on the condition of the book and if we need it! More specifics:

What books do you buy?
It depends on what we need. We tend to need mostly paperback fiction and regional topics, but we’ll take a look at anything. The books do need to be in very good condition; we don’t take ex-library books, Readers Digest condensed book, or textbooks and we are very pick about the condition of books on CD.  And keep in mind you can take books to both Bob’s and Robert’s, we need different books depending on what’s on the shelf on any given day.

What do you pay for books?
The basic (not hard and fast) rule for current books in print is: we sell books for half of what they are new, you get half of that in credit or a little less in cash. To figure the amount for a current paperback book take the cover price and divide by 4 for credit and 5 for cash.  Older books are figured differently, based on current value rather than cover price.

What hours/days to you buy?
We generally buy everyday we’re open (Tues-Sat), though there are exceptions when a staff member needs to change their schedule so please call ahead if you’re bringing books. We look at books until about a half hour before we close so we have time to process them. There are exceptions; we rarely buy on event days, for example, or busy holiday weekends (I’m looking at you, 4th of July).  Please call ahead if you plan to bring more than 2 bags or boxes so we can make sure to have space available to go through them. We always encourage you to call 541-994-4467 to make sure the buyer is in if you’re planning to make a special trip.

Can I drop off books to trade/sell and pick the leftovers up another day?
Unfortunately no, we simply don’t have room to store books after we’ve gone through them. This is also for your protection so they don’t get lost in the shuffle. It usually doesn’t take long to go through the books as the buyer is very knowledgeable about what we need. If you’d like to run quick errands in the neighborhood while we go through your books that’s fine, but any books still left when we close will be donated.

How does store credit work?
Our discount offered on special orders and clearance items is not applicable if you pay by store credit.  Trade credit can be used towards new and used books as well as gift items.  Trade credit is no longer transferable between stores.  Credit accumulated at this store can be used at this store.  (Our policy was updated in 2019 because the stores don’t share a bank account and we had too many people accumulating credit at the other store to use here on high-end new items.)